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Business growth can take place in many stages. These stages are a cycle, repeating each time you implement a change to your business. Which stage is your business in today?

  1. Start-up
    The business idea is created. Plans are put in place to start operating.
  2. Commence
    The business plan is complete and targets are established.
  3. Operate
    The business is operating and coping with any problems that arise. Systems are in place and, ideally, profits are made.
  4. Expand
    The business matures and needs to expand. Management changes or expands to deal with the size or complexity of the business.
  5. Review
    The business is very competitive. Activities are regularly reviewed and changed to achieve ongoing success.
  6. Diversify
    The business diversifies into new markets, products or alliances.

Whether your business has just started or is ready to diversify, it is important to plan growth so that it is controlled and properly managed. The following can help you plan for growth:

Set goals for growth

Establish what you want your business to achieve. Create a plan of short and long-term goals to grow your business.

Involve management and staff

Meet frequently with management and staff to review results and to monitor current performance. Encourage and motivate your staff to be involved in the growth of your business.

To find out more about how the growth of your business might impact your staff, learn about managing people through change.

Control costs

A bigger cash flow does not always mean that you are making a profit. Controlling costs is critical for successful growth.

Regularly review targets

Schedule a monthly review of how your business is performing. Compare actual results with your goals, plans and budgets. If your plan for growth is not working, or you are experiencing financial or operational problems, ask for help immediately.

Develop good systems

Build good reporting systems into your business. You want information to be accessed quickly and easily so you can compare business projections with business performance. A good reporting system can keep you informed and enable you to make prompt decisions when necessary.

There is so much data available these days for making business decisions that the challenge has become how to deal with it all in a coherent way. One of the prevailing means of gathering this data in an effective and time-effective way is to use a web scraping tool.

Web scraping is an easy process to learn and will provide your business with a plethora of data that is highly useful for business applications. You will be able to see what customers are saying about your business, what your competitors are up to and what the market looks like for your industry with more accurate and up-to-date data than ever before.

If you are serious about growing your online business, then invest some time and resources into finding a web scraping tool that works for your needs. The value that such a tool will bring to your business is unparalleled.

Know What Direction You Need to Grow

In business, growth is not a unidirectional process. Online businesses need to have a sense of where they want to go if they want to expand their influence and reach more customers. Horizontal growth, for example, involves the acquisition of other businesses that will add to the repertoire of your own. Once your company has reached a certain size, it may also make sense to absorb some of your smaller competitors in order to eliminate the competition and get them to work for you.

You can also explore options for backward growth where you make efforts to streamline processes and buy businesses that are supplying you with inputs. This can dramatically cut down on your costs in the long run. Forward growth refers to buying businesses that distribute your products and is another great option for having more control over how your business operates.

Make sure that you know what the best route to take is for your business. In some contexts, a combination of all three growth trajectories is optimal. For other businesses, it can make more sense simply to focus on growing your own operations before buying other companies. Whatever route you take, make sure to add this to your plan.

Create New Products

Another aspect to incorporate into your business plan are strategies for the development of products and services. Even if your business is enjoying success at the moment, it is important to continually monitor and adjust your product line to meet the preferences of your market. Having an established product development pipeline is an essential part of any growth plan.

Planning Pays Off

Putting in the effort to make a business growth plan for your online business will provide you with clarity for where your business is headed. Once you know where you want to be, it will be a lot easier to take the specific steps necessary to reach these goals.


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